Trust II


Marian Volráb
Fine Art Glass Sculpture
Size/Year: 55 x 13 x 61 cm / 2020
Technique: Mould melted glass, cut, engraved
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  Certificate of authenticity
  Unique work
Glassart - Marian Volráb Trust II

Marian Volráb

Born 1961 in the Czech Republic
The principal theme in his glass objects as well as in his paintings is always the human being with its traces and imprints that are hidden within the world’s labyrinth. He find inspiration in the forms that were created by nature itself and through its unlimited possibilities. His objects are made by melting in the oven, similar to bulging lava. He then work radically on the cooled down surface by using big grinding stones or fine touches of other tools.

I like this artist. Please inform me about new works!

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