Sea Fossil C


Andrej Jančovič
Fine Art Glass Sculpture
Size/Year: 22 x 50 x 40 cm / 2021
Kiln casted glass, cut, polished, etched in acid. Two-colour uranium glass
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  Certificate of authenticity
  Unigue work

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Andrej Jancovic

Andrej Jančovič

Born 1986 in the Slovak Republic
Jančovič primarily uses geometric morphology, typically derived from a square surface or cube volume. He transforms their interior space by segmentation, multiplication or division. By using optical glass and its combination with colored glass, he creates ever-changing optical dynamic in fixed static geometric forms, depending on observer´s viewpoint. The colorless optical glass in his work represents a contrast to the colored glass, and this combination of materials is reflected in his later work.
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