Eva Vlčková – Labyrinths of Light

Eva Vlckova - glass artist

Key Points
Born 1966 in the Czech Republic // 1983–1987 Secondary School of Glassmaking, Železný Brod // 1987–1993 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the glass studio of Professor Vladimír Kopecký // The artist is professor of art and aesthetics in Prague

Public Collections (selection)
Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec n/Nisou (Czech Republic) // Museum der Vest Coburg, Coburg // Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld – Lette // Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf // Achilles – Stiftung, Hamburg (Germany) // Glasmuseet, Ebeltoft (Denmark)


The common feature of Eva Vlčková’s glass sculptures is their formal austerity, taken to the limits of minimalist expression in many of her works. It is connected to the suppression of cheap effects of glass glitter by means of delustering the surfaces. She thus achieves a very intimate expression, where colors are applied in soft light. The translucent reflections that shine through the surface additionally shape the inside of the objects. Her works convey a perceived sense of composure and calming of dramatic situations. In her objects made from molten glass Eva Vlčková combines the austere architectural form with smooth, round shapes, and thereby achieves a special tension.

Professor Vladimír Kopecký about the artist Eva Vlčková: “Her work is characterized by the enticing certainty of flawless excellence of drama of curves and ovals and austere architecture that is full of mystery and melancholy. Every true art is cloaked in that. And here, glass is revealed to us in its top form.”

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