Peter Mandl – The sculptor of movement and grace

Peter Mandl - Glass Artist

Key Points
Born 1947 in the Czech Republic // 1968 admitted to the art glass studio of Professor Stanislav Libenský at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague // After the August 1968 military intervention in Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact armies emigrated to Sweden // 1972 graduated at the University College of Arts in Stockholm // Lives in Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden.

Public work
In more than 30 public places around Sweden, for example: National Museum, Stockholm / Berwaldhallen, Stockholm Västerås konstmuseum / Halmstad Rådhus // Apart from Sweden Mandl’s work has also been sold to private art collectors and foundations in Germany, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Russia, Luxembourg, and the USA.


Peter has devoted his life to sculptures. Through a form and melding technique, which has made him a name within the sculpting arena, he captures fleeting moments in solid forms of glass and bronze, rendering the spectator both curious and calm at the very same time. Movements reminiscent of the elements, shapes found in nature, the human body, are frozen still yet forever moving, telling a story, pleasing the eye, feeding the mind and caressing the soul. His exquisite sculptures can be seen in private and public art collections all over the world.

Available Sculptures

Available sculptures on a commission basis

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