Against Each Other


Ilja Bílek
Fine Art Glass Sculpture
Size/Year: 61 x 51 x 31 cm / 2017
Kiln casted glass, cut and polished - glued - metal
I like this artist
Comment: This sculpture is not available at the moment - please contact us.
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  Certificate of authenticity
  Unique work
Ilja Bílek (1948)

Ilja Bílek

Born 1948 in the Czech Republic
The evident artistic expression and the perfectly executed composition are the basis for Ilja Bílek’s work. His technically complicated objects that consist of perfectly cut and glued parts take entirely advantage of the capacities of the material glass: its transparency and its light reflections. Ilja Bílek likes contrasts; thus he combines opaque glass with transparent glass or flat forms with three-dimensional forms, eventually forming well-balanced glass plastics.
I like this artist. Please inform me about new works!
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