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Matyas Pavlik
Fine Art Glass Sculpture
Size/Year: 25 x 35 x 99 cm / 2020
Mold melted glass, cut and polished
I like this artist
Comment: This sculpture is available on commission only.
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  Certificate of authenticity
  Unigue work
Matyas Pavlik

Matyas Pavlik

Born 1984 in the Czech Republic
Matyas Pavlik lived for much of his life in the United States, Mexico and Portugal before returning to his home country. Like his mother, the well-known glass artist, Vladimíra Klumpar, he was artistically inspired by the various cultures. Thus, for example, the time that he spent in Mexico influenced not only his aesthetic style but also his understanding of the importance of colours. His impressive sculptures alternate between highlighting geometric and organic shapes.
I like this artist. Please inform me about new works!
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