Silver Triangle II


Fine Art Glass Sculpture
Size/Year: 27 x 32 x 14 cm / 2022
Optical glass, glued cut and polished
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Oliver Leššo

Born 1973 in the Slovak Republic
The artist Oliver Leššo employs the distinctive characteristics of the material and the resulting play of light to create a fascinating interplay between the internal and external space in his sculptures. Crafted from the purest optical glass, his works feature meticulously incorporated, ethereally thin, colored, or mirrored glass elements. Leššo places particular emphasis on the internal structures that, depending on the viewing angle, multiply, change color, or completely vanish within the object. In his creations, one finds not only artistic brilliance and decades of expertise but also the results of months of dedicated polishing and grinding. The uniqueness of his one-of-a-kind pieces reaches a level of perfection that pushes the boundaries of what is achievable with optical glass.
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